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Fast and inexpensive Lincoln key making

Making or recovering keys for different Lincoln models may be required in a number of cases. Often, owners of cars of this brand order a service due to the loss of keys, in order to use the car with someone else, or simply to protect themselves from an unforeseen situation.
Model: BLK-3940
New key Lincoln, 1997-2014, blank with space for the chip, blade profile FO38 Chip is optional (not..
800 ₽
315 America
Model: FOB-2130l
New alarm key fob Lincoln Mark LT 2006-2008, frequency 315MHz America, 3 buttons, FCC ID : CWTWB1U33..
2 045 ₽
Model: BLK-2133
New key Mercury, blade profile FO38, with chip space..
421 ₽
Key Lincoln |
As a rule, for a service, Lincoln owners first of all turn to an authorized dealer in the hope of quickly ordering a key production. In practice, however, the dealer may not always be able to do this job quickly. It often takes about a month to create a duplicate, besides, the service is expensive, like all other dealer services. He uses his well-known name, inflating the price. Without the necessary equipment and specialists for key cutting, the dealer looks for a contractor or sends an order to the factory. As a result, the client waits for about 3-4 weeks. However, the result does not always meet expectations. The key may not fit a Lincoln for a variety of reasons. Usually due to a change in the lock or an error in the manufacturer's database.

who to ask?

Autokeymaster offers fast and quality key production. The services of our company will cost the owner of the Lincoln much cheaper than the services of a dealer, but at the same time you receive high-quality service with a guaranteed result.
Thanks to the availability of the necessary technical equipment and the professionalism of our craftsmen, we fulfill the order on the day of contact. It is also possible to perform urgent work, within 30 minutes.

Our advantages

Autokeymaster has been successfully cooperating with private clients and organizations for more than 5 years. We guarantee a high level of service and fast execution of any orders. Many positive reviews confirm the high level of our qualifications and the low price tag for all types of work.
Autokeymaster benefits:
  • quality of work in our company at the level of an official dealer;
  • urgent execution of the order - you can get a new key or a duplicate on the day of contact - the work will take about 30 minutes;
  • extensive experience with Lincoln cars - our specialists are well aware of all the nuances and pitfalls of cars of this manufacturer;
  • low price - our company is well known in Moscow for its low price level with high-quality execution of orders;
  • a large list of services provided - you can get all services in one place;
  • quality guarantee - you can personally make sure that the key fully matches the lock of your car;
  • it is possible to execute a test key to check its compliance with the lock, after which it is handed over to the client or destroyed in front of his eyes.

Our services

By contacting Autokeymaster you can get a number of additional services. We offer:
  • making a duplicate for Lincoln (copying keys, installing a transponder);
  • recovery (recoding into immobilizer) if the keys are stolen, lost;
  • we offer blade cutting;
  • we replace the key with a flip key with buttons;
  • reprogramming keys;
  • repair of the ignition lock;
  • key shell repair, key design update;
  • restoration of the immobilizer signal in the ignition lock.

Come to us at st. Belomorskaya, 40, building 2 and get new keys quickly and inexpensively.