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Key repair (shells)

The smaller the item, and the more often it is used, the more likely it is to break. This is especially true for car keys. We carry them in our pocket, and often after a year they look deplorable. In addition to scratches and chips on the case, modern car keys can be disabled due to electromagnetic radiation.

Now almost all cars have electronic stuffing. And the keys are equipped with a chip that is built into the case, and can be broken without external damage.

In this case, the owner quickly finds out about the breakdown, as the car simply refuses to start. If you find yourself in such trouble, we suggest that you do not hesitate, but immediately contact the professionals!

The Autokeymaster company provides professional services for the manufacture and repair of keys for cars in Moscow. Do you want to quickly and inexpensively solve the problem with access to your car? We will help!

How are keys repaired?

All damages of these products can be conditionally divided into two parts: they concern either the electronic filling or the case. The second option is the simplest, since the price of the outer shell is quite small.

Another thing is the malfunction of the chip itself, which is programmed for a specific car. Such a breakdown requires the use of modern equipment, with the help of which the vehicle's pin code is extracted, and then transferred to a new key.

Autokeymaster stocks standardized blanks that can be programmed quickly and at a reasonable cost to produce a full duplicate of the original keys.

3 reasons to order key repair from Autokeymaster:

It's comfortable
We can repair products from any manufacturer. In the catalog of our site you can find various key cases, and they do not have to be related to your car brand! If you find yourself in a difficult situation and cannot start the car, our employees are ready to come to any point in Moscow and the Moscow region to help you!

It is not expensive
Non-original keys have a fairly low cost, so we can keep the most affordable prices for our customers.

It's high quality
All work is carried out on modern equipment brand KEYDIY. "Autokeymaster" is the official dealer of this manufacturer, which allows us to guarantee the highest level of professionalism of our employees.