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Yutong buses are reliable transport, which is an excellent alternative to more expensive products from famous companies. Every year, the manufacturer produces and sells over 40,000 pieces of equipment worldwide and is one of the leaders in its field. The brand's products are exported to more than 30 countries and occupies 15% of the world market.

433 Europe
Model: REM-8020
Original key fob door control Yutong ZK6118, ZK6122, ZK6938, 2016-2022, marking PPB-21279-01-AA, ori..
2 000 ₽
Key Yutong |

The first mention of the manufacturer Yutong appeared in 1963. It was then that the passenger bus repair and assembly plant in Zhengzhou appeared. In the future, the company developed, introduced new technologies and expanded sales markets. In 1993, it achieved sales of 708 units, and in 1997, Yutong became the first bus manufacturer to list shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 1998, the Yutong Industrial Park came into being, with over 400 million yuan invested in its creation. This spurred production, and by 2002 the company was selling over 10,000 buses annually. A special strategy was launched to promote the brand, and in 2006, Yutong became the first manufacturer to be exempt from export inspection. In 2009, new production lines and a department for the production of special passenger vehicles under the Yutong brand appeared. The use of smart technologies was tested, and in 2011, the TSM smart OS was launched. For the past seven years, Yutong has shown particular activity in the market. So, in 2015, the first unmanned bus was launched, the number of vehicles produced on clean energy is increasing, and sales markets are expanding. In 2019, a public transport project with 5G technology was launched. During its activity, the manufacturer Yutong has shown its best side, and its buses are a real competitor for models of more famous brands. The company's vehicles are distinguished by good equipment, convenient maintenance, modern components and affordable prices. The main advantage is full adaptation to Russian operating conditions.